Rice Family Foundation Contribute to Nurses’ Educational Fund

The Rice Family Foundation awarded Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of the Florida Keys (VNA/Hospice) $12,500 in support for their Campaign for Continued Excellence Nurses’ Education Fund and their new Music and Memory Program.

The Continued Excellence program provides VNA/Hospice staff with professional training in new medical treatments, post hospitalization care, as well as certification training in Palliative Care and Advanced Wound Care. Advanced education also includes new procedures using the latest materials for chronic would care treatment and protocols for IV cardiac management.

Spokesperson for the Rice Family Foundation Paige Rice, RN said, “Newly emerging state-of-the-art technologies, procedures, treatments and advancements make the need to stay current a very important cause. As a five-star rated home health care agency, supporting continuing education of visiting nurses ensures the highest level of quality care to residents of Monroe County.”

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